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Dearest donors and supporters of Together We Care Charity Organisation, welcome to the year 2024.
I wanted to take some time to reflect on the great work we did last year as we continue to strive to make a positive impact in lives of others.
I will also like to appreciate you all for your generous donations and encouragement. Our collective efforts at TWC has put a smile on the face of others and has helped our recipients find hope in the face adversity.
The note of appreciation, sent by Mrs Olawale, a beautiful young woman with 3 children who became a widow after losing her dear husband to a sudden illness is a testimony to why we must continue to support people in our communities . With your help, Mrs Olawale received financial support from TWC , using the money to support herself and pay the school fees of her children.
As the economic challenges in the country rises, there continues to be a necessity for ordinary people like us to rise to the occasion and hold each others hands through these trying times. In this new year and beyond , together we will continue to care for each other and care for others as well.
May God continue to bless and enrich each and everyone of us, may our dear country become great and prosperous again. May we find peace in our homes and prosperity in all our endeavours.
Once again, thank you so much for your donations to this noble course
Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Muhibat Oladosu.