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Maa Oladosu

Mrs M.A Oladosu, founder

Muhibat .A. Oladosu popularly known as Maa, is a Senior Administrator at a Nigerian University. Maa has an inborn tendency to care about the survival of others. This peculiar endowment manifested in her at a very young age. She would plead with her parents for extra snacks, for her class mates at her primary school. Many of her classmate would come to school with nothing other than their writing and reading materials.

Little Muhibat, out of sympathy for a co-tenant who lost her job, took a bold step to appeal on behalf of the woman to her school Principal to allow her cite a stand in the school. Fortunately, the effort was not a waste as the appeal was granted. The woman was able to made her livelihood as a food vendor therein.

Being passionate about how others fare, education for orphans, wellbeing of widows, welfare of aged and association with the physically challenged, among others, became one of Maa’s top-most priority, when she founded TWC charity.

Her ultimate goal is to PUT SMILE ON the faces of the vulnerable. THE NEEDY. HERE WE ARE!!! Let us together care for the less privilege.