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TWC Alleviating Poverty With Small Scale Farming Grants

One of the biggest barriers to  financial independence, for people trapped in poverty is  getting the initial funds or resources required to get started. With kind donations from TWC supporters within Ilorin, to international supporters such as Katrin Gabriel from the UK,  TWC is helping a number of beneficiaries to start the journey to financial self sufficiency.

Subsistence Farming; the Tried and Tested Way to Alleviate Poverty

Though high tech jobs are the sure way to prosperity. In a place like Kwara State, the home base of TWC, subsistence farming can be one of the ways to help alleviate poverty.  Though the generosity of University of Ilorin, who granted Together We Care the use of land for arable farming, donations  from some of our sponsors were used to buy seeds for participants in our poverty alleviation farming project.

The 2020 Rainy Season Crop

Rainy season in Nigeria is the period of heightened agricultural activities by farmers. There are a number of crops suited for this season which are encouraged to be widely cultivated in order to make a huge harvest. Top of the list are Maize and Cassava. Maize is a valuable commodity that is geographically dispersed across Nigeria and suitable for most Nigerians. It is perhaps the most common staple food in developing countries. It matures very fast, within 3–4 months of planting and does not require a handful of training and capital. Once a suitable land, irrigation channel, maize seed and storage barn are available, maize production can begin. Also, Cassava is super simple to cultivate, and supported by the vast majority of land.

Therefore, supporting the less privileged and investing in them to start farming will go a long way in alleviating poverty in our community and boost the economy.

You too can make a difference

 We have big plans for the 2021 planting season. We want to help even more people get out of poverty. We cannot do it without your help.   Here is how you can help:

 Donate N40,000  naira to help us get a farmer started with cassava and maize

Donate  N20,0000  to help a widow build a new life with a maize plantation

Donate  Any amount.